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You may be surprised at the problems lurking under the surface of your business.  Or perhaps you already know, and need some help.  Either way, take our quick, introductory assessment to learn more.  We will contact you to discuss the results.

Who are you?

Black Knight Business Consulting helps small to mid sized businesses create quick, positive, and sustainable change through proven methodologies.  Whatever your problems, we can help you design effective solutions and achieve results quickly.  Whether you're a service oriented business or a manufacturing concern, whether you are looking to streamline or trying to solve a complex challenge, Black Knight and our network of experts can help.

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Why might you need help?

Clarifying your problem can be even more difficult than addressing it. Black Knight has developed a methodology to turn the key complaints you deal with every day into clearly defined, actionable solutions that can be implemented quickly.  If you have challenges with cashflow, if your managers are constantly arguing, even if you're in deep trouble and don't know how to get out, Black Knight can help you create a path forward.

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Solving Your Challenges

Black Knight partners bring decades of business solution design and implementation experience, from small business, through Bain Consulting and Fortune 500 companies.  And we don't stop there.

Black Knight Business Consulting understands that important problems deserve expert solutions.  Black Knight partners specialize in operational and strategy analysis.  We find the problems, and help your team implement solutions that work for you.

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Our Commitment to You.

Black Knight Business Consulting guarantees a minimum 100% ROI on any project we undertake.  We earn your future business by freeing up the cash you need now, with plenty left over for future projects.  We pay our way forward, every project, every time.

Take the First Step

The first step to engage Black Knight requires only your commitment to addressing your issues.

We've designed a survey to help your team express the problems they feel. A short version of the survey is available (here) to help you identify your most painful problems.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out and leave your contact information.  We'll respond shortly to discuss the results.

When you have sampled the value we provide, we will arrange for your management team and key employees to take the full survey and share the results.  At that point, we can help you prioritize your most critical issues.

We believe in what we do. We invest in you to earn your trust.  The full survey and presentation of the results are completed at no cost to you but your time

Our Partner Network

Black Knight maintains a network of subject experts for business related specialties.  These are groups, companies, and individuals we have worked with, and have come to trust and rely upon.  When you have a specialized problem, we have an expert who can help.  In the rare instance that we don't already have one, we'll go find one.  And all of that is transparent to you.